Sandwood Bay & Strathchailleach

Added a new route – Sandwood Bay & Strathchailleach – to the Walks section. It is a fairly challenging there-and-back hike from Blairmore to Strathchailleach bothy via Sandwood Bay.

For over 30 years (from the 1960s to 1994), Strathchailleach was home to James McRory-Smith, a reclusive individual who survived in this remote spot without electricity, gas or mains water. I am in the process of writing a biography on this unique character and would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may have encountered him over the years. The excellent pic of James was taken by Howard Patrick.

If you knew James or ever met him I’d love to hear from you. Email me at

PS: I have also added a new link under Online Articles to a walk over Hart Fell, near Moffat in the Scottish Borders.