Angus & Dundee walks

Working on a new project – a book of 40 short walks in Angus and Dundee due to be published in Spring 2011 by Pocket Mountains. Currently undertaking route research – flitting back and forth across the county in the trusty Rover (trusty that is apart from periodic electrical problems and a broken exhaust which has on occasion required the acquisition of a rather more reliable Corsa).

Auchintaple Loch, Glen Isla

I live right on the doorstep of Angus and I thought I knew the county pretty well but I have been discovering some real hidden gems. Venturing into the upper reaches of Glen Mark, beyond the Queen’s Well, was a particularly memorable outing as I managed to find the elusive Balnamoon’s Cave while Glen Isla provided some great little hikes, including an ascent of Mount Blair in perfect weather and a wonderful trek to Auchintaple Loch. Despite some disappointing weather, the research is going well and I am hoping to have all 40 routes walked and written by the end of September. Will keep you posted on progress…