The Hunt for Balnamoon’s Cave

Balnamoon’s Cave guards its secrets well. Lurking in the upper reaches of Glen Mark, countless visitors to this wild and lonely valley have sought out its sanctuary and seclusion. Most have returned disappointed, unable to locate the clandestine spot amid the craggy cliffs and rock-strewn slopes. And therein lies its beauty for the concealed location really was a matter of life or death for a rebel laird fleeing the blood-soaked battlefields of Culloden. Read more…


Walking – A Beginner’s Guide

Walking - A Beginner's Guide

Walking is without doubt the healthiest way to get around. The majority of us do it in our everyday lives, whether it is to the shops, to work or just to the nearest bus stop. But walking can be so much more than that; it can make you fitter and more active, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and takes you out into the glorious British countryside for an invigorating dose of fresh air.

Walking – A Beginner’s Guide, covers a whole range of subjects: from kitting yourself out and route planning, to understanding access and conservation issues and navigating with a map and compass. Chapters also cover topics such as learning new hill skills; walking with children, infants or while pregnant; taking a dog into the countryside; and practical advice for staying safe.

The book also includes a selection of great British walks – step-by-step route guides. They range from easy, low-level lakeside strolls, to more challenging upland adventures. And if you fancy going further a field, the book contains a selection of overseas walking destinations.

Whatever your age or ability, this book will help you enjoy the great outdoors. Take one small step today and who knows where you may end up!

Published by Need2Know Walking – A Beginner’s Guide is available as a paperback or ebook from

Reindeer Man

Once-extinct sea eagles and beavers have both been returned to the Scottish countryside in recent years. However, the reintroduction of previously native species is nothing new. The mountains of the Cairngorms bear witness to this for they have been home to Britain’s only free-ranging reindeer herd for over 50 years. Read more…

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Scotland’s mountains and glens have motivated countless people over the years, from famous writers and artists, to ordinary folk whose inspiration may not be documented in words and pictures but is every bit as profound, albeit on a more personal level. The country’s wild land has prompted a profusion of poems, stories and paintings. But romance, literature and artistic masterpieces are not the only products of outdoor musing. Academic inspiration has also been drawn from the mountains and nowhere is this more evident than in the work of Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, Scotland’s only winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics. Read more…

Angus Coast Walk

Angus is crying out for an official coastal trail. The county’s shoreline is littered with geological gems and hidden treasures. As yet no official route exists, although the local authority is looking at plans to create one and their job will be made easier by the fact there are already paths and tracks in place for much of the way. Read more…

The Mermaid’s Secret Lair

The Spar Cave on the Isle of Skye is a truly wondrous place. In the 19th century it was a fashionable destination for well-to-do Victorian trippers, drawn north to the wild and rugged Strathaird peninsula by Sir Walter Scott’s poem The Lord of the Isles in which he wrote of a mermaid bathing in a pool concealed deep within the enchanted cell. Read more…

Walking the Minigaig Road

Scotland’s network of long distance trails has been expanding over recent years, the Great Glen Way and Rob Roy Way joining well established routes like the West Highland Way and Southern Upland Way. All attract thousands of walkers a year. But if you’re looking to wander far from the crowds, search out the country’s forgotten network of old highways and byways.  Read more…