Ghosts of Barlinnie

Ten Men – 10 Murder Trials – 10 Executions
By James Carron

Ten men each took eight steps across the gallery of Barlinnie Prison’s D-Hall, a final short walk from the grim confines of the condemned cell to the scaffold. Their time had finally come. Convicted of capital murder, each man faced the ultimate punishment – death by judicial hanging. Their crimes ranged from gangland slayings to multiple killings. The legal process exhausted and all bids for clemency rejected, the hangman’s noose was primed and ready to despatch swift justice.

This book explores the lives and crimes of the 10 men hanged at Barlinnie between 1946 and 1960. They were John Lyon, Patrick Carraher, John Caldwell, Paul Christopher Harris, James Ronald Robertson, James Smith, Patrick Deveney, George Francis Shaw, Peter Manuel and Anthony Miller. It follows the path each man took to murder, examines the evidence against them and the defences deployed and charts their final days incarcerated within the condemned cell at Barlinnie.

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