Three Glens, Two Days – A Stravaig through Angus

The five main glens of Angus – Isla, Prosen, Clova, Lethnot and Esk – branch out out like the thumb and fingers of a giant’s hand, its palm firmly planted in the sweeping Vale of Strathmore. Many walkers find themselves funnelled into individual valleys, drawn by the unique personality each possesses. Isla is green, Clova craggy, Prosen peaceful, Lethnot wild and Esk remote.

Explore one glen and thoughts quickly turn to seeking out others. If only there was a way to combine the contrasting characters of each in a single outing… Well, thanks to a network of hill and valley tracks, there is and it promises a fascinating journey of discovery through an area of the Eastern Highlands where rare wildlife and plants lurk amid dramatic upland scenery, where vivid vistas await marvelling eyes and where history is woven into the countryside’s colourful quilt. Read more…

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