Post-Lockdown Adventures – Angus Coast

If you are looking for some inspiration for longer post-lockdown adventures in the Scottish countryside, why not consider the Angus coast…

I am planning an expedition along the Angus coast next month and, while confined to home in Dundee, enjoyed some short shoreline walks, including hikes around Riverside Nature Park, a lovely area of open space founded atop the city’s old landfill site, wanders around the docks of Dundee, where new housing developments are flourishing east of Discovery and the V&A, and along the shared-use path bordering Forth Ports. For many years, due to port security, this route was accessible only to cyclists who signed up for a pass. Now, however, it is free for anyone to use and, while hemmed in between fences bordering the railway on one side and port warehouses on the other, it is a useful link between Dundee and Broughty Ferry.

Available in paperback and ebook format from Amazon, Angus Coastal Trail sets out from Broughty Ferry, describing a 68km route north along the coastline to the estuary of the River North Esk, near Montrose. There is information too for those who plump to start from Dundee where the Tay Road Bridge offers a link to the Fife Coastal Path.

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