James McRory Smith Photos

A selection of photographs of James McRory Smith and Strathchailleach Bothy.

James McRory Smith (Sallie Tyszko)


James McRory Smith outdoors (Sallie Tyszko)

James McRory Smith's painting of a lady with harp at Strathchailleach


James McRory Smith's painting of a horse at Strathchailleach


Strathchailleach Bothy (James Carron)

More to follow soon…

2 thoughts on “James McRory Smith Photos

  1. James is my Uncle, he is one of sixteen children, I never got to meet him or if I did it was when I was a small child and can’t remember, my mother is married to one of his brothers John who moved to England well over 50 years ago, I spent every summer and school holiday in Scotland mostly in Dumbarton where one of James other brothers Robert lived, over the years I have heard the stories of James disappearance and some of the reason as to why and I have often wondered about him, some ten or 15? years ago I do know that my father John and Robert and a few other family members went out to visit him, they had been trying to find him for years, I am a painter and have often wondered who I inherited my talents from, thank you for the pictures of the paintings I have been so wanting to see some of his art.
    Thank you so much
    Karen Marie Smith

  2. James was also my uncle and there seems to be a very talented artistic streak that runs through the whole family! I would love to have met him! My dad was James brother David Smith!
    Mark Kemp

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