Scottish Bothies

A collection of images of Scottish mountain bothies.

Staoineag (MBA)

Meanach (MBA)

Glen Lee

Shielin of Mark (MBA)


Charr (MBA)

Callater Stables (MBA)

Corrour (MBA)

Davy’s Bourach, Jock’s Road

Strathchailleach (MBA)

Drake’s Hut

Glenbeg (MBA)

Dibidil, Rum (MBA)

Ryvoan (MBA)

Utsi’s Hut



3 thoughts on “Scottish Bothies

  1. Hi James, a nice set of photos here, but you’ve got to come clean and say how old the Corrour picture is. It’s not even that you’re missing the toilet extension – it must be decades since there has ever been such a gathering of Vango Force Tens! 🙂

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