Highland Hermit reviews

Couple of cracking reviews for my book Highland Hermit from Amazon Kindle readers (and I didn’t write either of them!). Makes all the hard work worthwhile.

‘This was recommended to my father who in turn recommended it to me and although I was a little skeptical about the price and would it be worth it, I am pleasantly surprised and enjoying it as a good read. Anyone with a fondness for all things Scottish would enjoy this.’

‘I loved this book so much that a few months after I went on a bothy tour in the North-Western part of Scotland. We did 13 in total including Sandy’s beloved Strathailleach. Each one had it’s own character and they were all fantastic, Sandy’s bothy has a very remote feel to it, snug, small, not as polished as the other but that adds to the experience. It’s in a bit of a dip so you don’t see it for quite a while and its quite a way in so your glad when you spot it. Marrying the words of James Carron to the actual place you understand how well the places and the atmosphere are described. You understand the hardships he must have gone through and why he most likely chose Strathailleach to be his home. It must have taken a lot of hard work and research to create a detailed book like this, so thank you James for your time and effort.’
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Surviving Strathchailleach

James McRory Smith was a remarkable character. For over 30 years he lived in a remote bothy in the far north of Scotland. He cut himself off from society and clung to the wild periphery. But was he a truly reclusive individual seeking sanctuary in the great outdoors or simply an opportunistic bothy thief? Read more…